The National Program for Disease Registries and Health Outcomes Is Mainly Aimed to

The PROGRAM is mainly aimed to develop a proper infrastructure for the establishment of at least twenty disease registries in prioritized subjects in health domain across the country in Deputy of Research and Technology in Ministry of Health and Medical Education from 2014, and to support registries both financially and technically to be well-organized on the basis of international standards. Some specific objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To improve the quality of care, and to enhance the educational services to patients and other target groups of registries
  • To provide a proper framework for creation of solid evidence to assess the preventive and therapeutic services within the health-care system
  • To develop an appropriate IT infrastructure for the establishment of disease registries as a basis to generate high-quality data for development of medical research across the country
  • To establish international communications and collaborations with global consortiums and multi-center registries
  • To Acquire and exchange technical knowledge and skills for implementation of national and local registries and for development of registry-based research throughout the country
  • To expand research networks, and to promote intersectional collaborations among scholars and research groups
  • To inform and promote the existing registries program in the country