Measures Taken

The National Program for Disease Registries and Health Outcomes

  • Extensive research about registry-based researches in the world and studying successful templates and collecting valuable documents
  • Holding multiple meetings to provide the report about studying registry-based researches to present in the workshop
  • Holding the first professional workgroup meeting in the presence of famous professors in 05/31/2014 and presenting achievements of studying registry-based researches.
  • Sending the introduction form of registry program in progress or with priority in development and also introduction of pundits in diseases registry domain in the country to registry workgroup members in 08/03/2014.
  • Requesting more than 40 program of developing registry in the country and receiving 29 completed proposals.
  • Holding multiple meetings to compile suggestion form of establishing and developing diseases registry and related guideline
  • Communicating and consulting with worldwide prominent professors and utilizing their experiences to perform the program better
  • Designing and uploading the website of national program of diseases end health outcomes accessible from
  • Holding consultation and supporting meetings with applicants of developing registry program
  • Holding meeting with the authorities of registry program in progress to document the existing registry programs in the country and evaluate strength and weakness points
  • Designing the suggestion and developing form and its guide
  • Reviewing and answering to the request of establishing registry programs across the country and receiving the completed proposal up to 08/22/2014
  • Follow up of the requests, providing consultation and supporting services to the applicants and practitioners of the establishment of the registry program
  • Providing consultation to applicant centers and professionals of registry program
  • Holing shared meeting with the deputy of therapy to collaborate in developing registry program in Health transformation system of the country
  • Designing the contract form to sign between research and technology deputy and registry centers