Mission/ Duties

The National Program for Disease Registries and Health Outcomes has a Duty

The national program has a duty to organize the existing registries in the country and develop an appropriate infrastructure for designing modern registry system as a basis to develop researches in medical and health sciences. The program not only tries to enhance the processes and quality of registries based on international standards, but also expand the required experience and skills for conducting registry-based research among Iranian researchers in the area of health and medicine. Therefore, Deputy for Research and Technology intends to support those registries that are approved by the steering committee of the program both technically and financially.

The approval procedures of a proposed registry are as follow:

  • Fill out the proposal form of establishment of registries according to its instruction. The form and related instruction can be found here.
  • The proposed registry should respect the policies, protocols, and standards issued by the program.

  • Annual reports should be sent based on the request of Deputy of Research and periodical ones should be sent to Deputy of Research and Technology
  • Moreover, ethical rules in medicine, and guidelines and guides in medical research must be observed by your proposed registry.

Briefly after submission of the completed proposal form in our online system the approval procedures will begin. When referees complete the revision of the proposal, the result will be sent to the applicants.